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Lesser Known
Data Collectors

When one thinks of the Pentagon and School Districts the last thing that comes to mind is, "partners." That's right, due to a little-known provision in the "No Child Left Behind" act, school district superintendents across the United States must hand over the records for all high school students. These records contain private and identifiable information about your child.

The information in these school files contains names, addresses, phone numbers. email addresses, fields of studies and favorite afterschool activities for every 16-25 year old in the United States. The Pentagon has used this information to build and maintain a database with more than 30 million records.

Leave My Child Alone
Download high school and Pentagon opt out forms.

Underground Action Alliance
Download high school and Pentagon opt out forms.

Voting Lists

It is election time again and your phone is ringing off-the-hook with "personal" phone calls from the latest political candidates. But that's not all. Your mailbox is probably stuffed with messages from the political party you affiliated yourself with while registering to vote. It's not by accident that you are receiving these calls and mailers. You might even have someone knock on your door reminding you to vote!

Political parties and candidates purchase these voter registration records so they can better target members of their party to get more votes. But, you can get off these voter lists. Don't worry, you will still be a registered voter and be able to vote the same. The only repercussion of opting out is that you won't get the annoying phone calls and mailers.

Create an account and manage or opt out of campaign mailing and phone call lists

Fax Advertising

Before online collaboration and email attachments, faxes were a quick and convenient way to share documents. Today, many businesses still rely on fax machines for signature required documents and other sensitive documents.

Unfortunately, not all documents coming through on the company fax machine are signature confirmations of the next million dollar deal. Many businesses receive more than 10 unsolicited fax advertisements per day. These advertisements are not only annoying; they can cost your business money. Start saving your company money and stop getting these annoying faxes now.

Federal Communications Commission
The FCC can issue warning citations and fine companies that send you faxes if they are found in violation of the junk fax rules. You can file a complaint if you have received a fax from a company you have not given express permission to.

Targeted Online Advertising

Companies that advertise on the Web are always looking for new ways to reach qualified buyers for their products or services. Perhaps you've noticed that you and your husband visit the same Web sites but get entirely different ads. This is because many sites and companies use what are called "cookies" to gather information about you and your Online behavior.

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your hard drive and record data about what you do Online. Sure, cookies can also enhance your Web experience by remembering usernames and passwords for sites that you commonly visit, but they also help advertisers send you highly relevant ads.

If you would like to stop receiving targeted advertisements based on the data stored in your cookies, you can set the security preferences on your Internet browser to a custom setting or opt yourself out of these online advertisements. Ironically, when you opt out of Online services you will receive a cookie that let's these services know you have opted out.

Double Click
Once opting out of's list you will receive a cookie that will disable all targeted advertisements for this ad serving platform.

Automatically opt out of 12 Online advertising networks with a click of your mouse.